Monitoring Centre


The AlarmNet facility is highly secured, and designed to withstand extreme levels of physical attack.
It is rated as a A1 secure facility by Security Institute South Australia, and meets Australian Standard AS 2201.2 -2004.

The core facility is fire rated to a minimum of 1 hour, and breathing apparatus are available for operators use in emergency situations.

A single button secure link allows operators to summon Police and Fire services for extreme emergency situations.

The facility is fed by three phase power and is supported by a UPS system with a 55Kva Cummins Diesel generator providing electricity to critical systems in the event of a mains power outage.

Monitoring Centre

AlarmNet Monitoring operates 24 hours a day, every day of the year and is always staffed by multiple operators.

All incoming and outgoing phone calls are recorded on a digital voice recorder for security and verification purposes.

AlarmNet utilises ADSW security alarm automation software – the choice of government and military installations, corporate and commercial centres throughout the world.

The ADSW software offers browser based interaction and reporting features, providing AlarmNet clients the ability to log in remotely via the web and view reports such as their alarm arm/disarm history. This service is also accessible on remote devices such as smart phones.

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Monitoring Centre